Apple Loses Battle For Market Tablets: iPad, Dethroned By Android Tablets

After years of lack of innovation said its word, Apple is no longer the once invincible company, slowly but surely is losing market share for Android-based products. Take for example the range of iPad tablet, which came to have a smaller market share than Android tablets.


Powered by names like Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, Android tablets range has grown rapidly in popularity from taking full advantage of price/performance ratio superior to Apple and weaknesses of chaotic iOS updates and without a thorough test of new introduced facilities.

Thus, while the market share of the tablet with Apple iOS system collapsed in the range Q2-2012 – Q2 2013 from 47.2% to 28%, Android-based tablets have come to represent 67% of global supplies. In numbers, Apple shipped 14.6 million tablets in the Q2 of 2013, while companies producing Android-based tablets have shipped 34.6 million units in the same time period.

Taken together, the tablet market grew by 43% last year, far less than the increase of 116% measured with a year earlier. The blame is on the one hand reduced of purchasing power caused by the global economic slowdown, or maturing market already come to be saturated with too many models of tablets that cannot be sold as fast as before. Overall, at the end of Q2 2013 the tablet market shipped 51.7 million devices, compared to 36.1 million in Q2 2012.

While Android tablets success is mainly attributed to various collective hardware partners, which had a stable income in the last year, the observed decrease in the Apple camp seems to be mainly caused by excessive period of time since the launch of the first iPad tablets with Retina display, have not been enough new products launched. Arrived quite late, iPad Mini failed to compensate for declining sales recorded of full-size iPad.


Mediatek is the first developer of a truly octa-core processor, which offers improved performance and extremely important, more efficient energy consumption.

The new processor has eight cores that can work individually per application or task. Given this detail, we can say that is the first truly octa-core processor, unlike Samsung processor – called all octa-core – the four cores can enable each of the eight.

Thus, for some applications, octa-core processor Samsung dedicate sometimes more power than is required to run an application, and this process means wasted battery.

Octa-core processor from MediaTek stands the ability to assign tasks to accomplish each individual and a core to provide superior 3D effects, which translates into getting a very good graphics, especially relevant gaming experience.

Last but not least, the new process has an efficiency of video playback function, which reduces battery consumption by up to 18% compared to other quad-core processors. MediaTek has worked hard on this process and relies on dedicated energy efficiency and power per task.

Sony And Panasonic Promise 300GB Optical Discs By 2015; LG Is Working On LG VU 3

Even if access to more spacious hard drives and cheap USB devices have reduced almost to zero the interest of users for using storage solutions based on optical discs, Sony and Panasonic still believe that they have a future.



Evidence is the announced partnership for developing a new generation of optical discs capable of providing superior storage capacity of the current ones.

If in the past the two companies have preferred to launch optical disc with proprietary storage format, incompatible with each other and reading devices that do not support that format, this time the two giants seem to have learned from mistakes. Based on a common storage format, the new optical disks will be addressed especially to professional environment, but could be useful for ordinary users who want to back up transferring large amounts of data on as little optical media.

The new standard requires a minimum storage capacity of 300GB, which should be achieved with a single optical disc.

Perhaps the most important detail, the purchase price of the new disc is not known. But judging by the price of mechanical hard disks reported to storage capacity, depending on the model they can fall below 5 cents/GB, an optical disk whose capacity reaches 300GB should have a price close to the amount of $15 to be competitive against existing storage solutions. In practice, high manufacturing costs could push the sale price significantly above this level, reducing the chances of success of the new optical disc format.

In another news, LG has managed to impose phablet with no remaining segment of the second generation of LG VU that was proposed before, consumers prefer large phones. The fight is not lost, LG promising now a new series of phablets.


Unfortunately we do not currently know anything but only information that confirms LG will soon launch a new device called LG VU. It is clear however that LG will make the product or in direct combat with the Galaxy Note III phablet future of Samsung which has already aroused the interest of fans. It remains to be seen whether LG will be inspired to adopt a classical format of the screen, under the 4:3 display, which features one LG VU and LG VU 2, was disputed by most users because of extremely low usability.

LG VU3 existence was confirmed by an image captured with such a device and published by GizmoChina. Another confirmed information is that LG VU 3 will be the last top device from South Koreans which will be joined by the Optimus brand.

Please note that LG has decided to quit this famous brand, Optimus, in favor of a single letter which will be from now on the smartphones symbol produced by the company: G

Abandoning the Optimus brand will take place on August 7, with the market launch of LG’s new flagship, the long-awaited LG G2.

The Existence Of A Nokia Lumia Smartphone With 6 Inch Screen Confirmed By Evidences; MediaTek Announced MT6592

After the April Financial Times journalists advancing the possibility that Nokia will launch Lumia smartphones in the near future of 6-inch screen, the information is now confirmed with concrete evidence.


According to the publication, Nokia is preparing a competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone model based on Windows Phone 8. The new Lumia model would be ready for release before the end of the year.

Image provided by those from ICTech illustrates what appears to be glass panel applied over the screen of a Nokia smartphone with large information confirming the former ones. Find out more details about Nokia Lumia 1020 from here.

Judging by the list of improvements announced for Windows Phone 8, especially for the new Lumia smartphone screen will definitely support of 1080p resolution, rendering WP8 interface with even more information than before. Another addition is support for Qualcomm chipset with quad-core CPU offered with GDR3 update for Windows Phone 8 and probably used by the new Nokia Lumia terminals.

On the other hand, Taiwanese chip manufacturer MediaTek enjoy increasingly more attention from producers, its integrated low-cost solutions are already adopted by leading manufacturers such as LG, Acer and Huawei. The company is trying to seize the attention of the first to press the development pedal, it announced an eight-core processor for mobile phones and tablets.

As the company officials insisted, future MediaTek solution will provide eight cores that can operate at the same time, such a solution differing from Samsung Exynos 5 Octa, which uses a big architecture. Can only use four cores of the same type at a time. Rivals solution was updated recently, but Samsung has not yet revealed whether the new Exynos 5 Octa allows parallel mode with eight cores.

Future MediaTek MT6592 chip will still be a low cost solution, it will use the ARM Cortex-A7 eight cores clocked at 2 GHz, plus a module HSDPA modem with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM radio and GPS. MediaTek solution allows control of each core separately, thereby reducing energy consumption, stating that the company will offer software tools that will allow integrators to assign certain cores of running processes, thus providing additional stability.

Rumors have been circulating about the launch of this product since the beginning of this month, but it was officially announced just now. It will be available by phone or tablet manufacturers from the fourth quarter of this year.

Some SIM Cards Are Vulnerable To Remote Attacks Due To Weak Encryption

The trivial SIM card, operators use to store information needed for authentication and secure access to mobile networks, may contain a security vulnerability that allows taking control of your mobile phone. The discovery was made by a German scientist, saying that hundreds of millions of SIM cards using an outdated encryption algorithm that can be exploited.


Karsten Nohl, founder of Security Security Research Labs, says he has found a method that can take advantage of certain software security breaches and encryption algorithm to gain access, sometimes unlimited resources of a mobile phone. Analyzed for the past three years, this gap has been tested on a number of about 1,000 SIM cards used in Europe and the United States, and will be presented later this month at the Black Hat conference, which will take place in Las Vegas, United States U.S.

Security vulnerability discovered by Karsten Nohl and Security Research Labs only affects SIM encryption using DES, 3DES or AES using cards is immune to this type of attack. During testing, the company has found that a significant number of cards still use DES, estimating their share to about one-eighth, which means that about 750 million cell phones are vulnerable.

Using the unreliable encryption software and a security vulnerability present in some SIM cards, Karsten Nohl could send fake messages hidden in OTA operator, receiving the encryption key used on 56-bit. With this encryption key, easily deciphered by brute force because of reduced protection of the DES algorithm, the researchers were able to certify and send a virus that allowed after installation, intercepting SMS messages, call forwarding, SMS messages invisible in certain conditions, and banking operations.

This virus uses a security vulnerability present in Java Card software, the smallest known implementation of the Java platform, allowing remote reprogramming smartcards and SIM cards received by running code through an invisible binary message. Once the malicious code was run away, it goes beyond Java Card virtual machine by exploiting a bug and allows all operations mentioned above.

Even if it is a serious security breach, its practical use is quite simple. First of all, the German researcher claims that the presence of the gap is random software, certain groups of cards may be affected while others may be immune, with little possibility of differentiation between them without running the test established by Security Research Labs. Thus, they test 1000 card, less than a quarter were vulnerable.

Secondly, Karsten Nohl says it is unlikely that this vulnerability is known. Since it will be presented by German researcher says it will take at least six months until it will be replicated by cybercriminals, while operators can correct software problems. At this point, two large operators have already started software troubleshooting procedures, while GSM Association has already analyzed the problem and sent recommendations to remedy the operators.

The Updated Version Of The Nexus 7 Tablet Is Coming

Nexus 7 is the most famous and one of the best selling Android tablets ever, launching the first Android reference model while having a noticeable impact on the ecosystem of apps optimized for tablets from Google Play. Launched a year ago, the Nexus 7 tablet is now an old product, but the launch of a major update could be closer than we think.


Android Central came into possession of footage with the new Nexus 7, which will be also manufactured by ASUS. As can be seen in the official video, the new Nexus 7 will have a different design, pointing out the emergence of a primary camera of 5 MP and stereo speakers.

The set of specifications is not very detailed, noting however the use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon solution, most likely a Snapdragon tablet uses 600 as DDR3 memory, a 3950 mAh battery and 2GB of RAM. Screen resolution of 7″ is still unknown, rumors saying that the tablet will have a Full HD screen.

According to sources, the new Nexus 7 is expected to hit store shelves starting next week even. It will be available in two versions, with internal storage 16 and 32 GB, with prices to be 229, or 269 dollars.

On the other related news, LG has decided to drop his famous brand, Optimus, in favor of a single letter which will be from now on smartphones symbol produced by the company: G

Abandoning the Optimus brand will take place on August 7, with the market launch of LG’s new flagship, the long-awaited LG G2.

“Our goal is to make the new G device of the LG an excellence equivalent and raising the bar above to provide the best mobile user experience,” he said in an official announcement, Jong-seok Park, CEO of LG mobile Communication.

After launching the LG G2, the South Korean company will rebrand and Optimus Vu gamma, manufacturer phablets will be simply named, LG Vu.

Optimus brand was launched in 2010 and has covered both the range of devices with Android and some Windows Phone smartphones. Stay tuned for more LG information in the near future, as soon as we got it, you will be the first to know.

Nokia: New Applications In Windows Phone, Plus Dedicated SKD ONU

After the official launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020, the Finnish company officials have announced a range of new applications that were not for Lumia terminals, especially photo applications, and social applications. These include Hipstamatic, Path, Vyclone, SNAPCAM, Panagraph, Yelp and Foursquare. Also, Flipboard will come soon.


Windows Phone Apps

The big problem remains the lack of Windows Phone applications. The problem is not that missing the simple ones (eg free games you can find more than 10 applications, of which half are X and zero or Hangman), but the problem is that applications lacking popular services on other platforms. I for example could not use Instagram on WP and I found no proper application for WordPress. I know there are all sorts of alternatives, but I was not happy.

That’s why I’m glad they announced more formal partnerships. Flipboard will launch later this year a new edition specially designed and developed for Nokia Lumia smartphones. Hipstamatic Oggl PRO has been designed specifically for the Nokia Lumia 1020, with a new user interface, different from the original application. All exclusively for Hipstamatic Oggl PRO is the ability to set focus and exposure manually reclassify the image and use the auto-level functions as well as the dual-capture one. Hipstamatic Oggl PRO is also equipped with features to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.

Path is the personal network designed to bring users closer to friends and family, and will soon be available on Windows Phone. Path and Nokia will offer over 50 free premium photo filters, photo capabilities with high resolution and deep zoom, allowing users to capture and share personal moments. Path users can also share the place where your favorite music and movies are. They can also express thoughts and moments, send private messages and chat to share emotions without using words.

Vyclone is a social video platform where users of the Nokia Lumia 1020 can easily create, synchronize, edit and combine different perspectives of the same moment.

SnapCam is a photo application that helps users build images and highlights stories, share photo albums with friends and easily create impressive photo products in bright colors, which can then be delivered to your door.

Panagraph exclusively for Nokia, is an advanced photo application using multi-touch gestures to create a photo mosaic composed of smaller images. The image can be shared on social networks or printed on a large scale, the result being impressive.

I understand that there is now a Yelp application and also a new one for the CNN. Nokia also announced a new application Foursquare to focus on the photos.

Nokia Imaging SDK was built with the same technology that uses Nokia’s own photo applications such as Smart Camera and Creative Studio. The new SDK gives developers the flexibility to create their applications, advanced photo experiences for Nokia Lumia smartphones. Whether you apply or create filters and add effects or adjustments, developers can provide users the ability to personalize photos instantly or to relive the moment in many ways.

The new SDK is now available on Nokia developer platform, and comes packed with over 50 effects, filters and improvements. With this SDK, developers can get even more from their images. Random Access JPEG technology allows Nokia to manipulate data more efficiently and to get amazing results. Developers can focus on creating fast and fluid user experience, because the SDK handles image manipulation and effects.

Nokia Lumia 1020 – The Photo Champion Was Released

Those who want the best camera on the next smartphone generation does not have to wait. Nokia launched Lumia 1020, with 41 MP camera sensor. Along with the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z it is one of the most important handsets launched this year. Successor of Nokia 808 PureView, one of the last models with Symbian, Windows Phone 8, an operating system that can stand alongside modern Android and iOS. In addition, the Finnish experience in building mobile phone can be recognized immediately at Nokia World 1020. Let’s look further at the list of specifications.


  • Display: 4.5″ 768×1280, ClearBlack AMOLED
  • OS: Windows Phone 8
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz dual core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Internal memory: 32 GB
  • Card: -
  • Camera: 41 MP, PureView, OIS 3X zoom, xenon
  • Shooting: 1920×1080, 30 fps
  • Front camera: 1.2 MP, 720p

By far the most important feature is PureView camera. Nokia has always wanted to be able to create the best camera for a cell phone and models like N8, N86 and N95 are evidence of this. Quality and image noise were the main issues over time, and Finns have chosen a solution. If you can not put a large sensor in the phone casing, put one with many pixels. In addition, you can provide 3x zoom without loss of quality.

Lumia 1020 has decent size, an acceptable weight of 158 g and runs the latest version of Windows Phone. We expect the operating system to move very well, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. As for the screen, we know it will be gorgeous.

Lumia 1020’s camera module is unique. It has a thickness of less than 8 mm and an integrated sensor of 1/1.5″ slightly less than 808 PureView. The objective lens consists of six. With powerful hardware, the phone can capture 38 MP (4:3) or 34 MP (16:9), saving both time and a smaller image, processed, 5 MP. Nokia offers Pro Photo Camera, an app that can control almost all functions of the camera. Manual shooting mode is truly a rarity in the smartphone market.

With the 41 MP sensor on the Nokia Lumia 1020 allows a 4x zoom during shooting 1080p and 720p 6x zoom during movie recording. It is not the digital zoom which we are accustomed. Increasing subject is without loss of quality. Besides this, the camera is one of a few smartphone which features optical image stabilization.

Nokia Lumia 1020’s housing is made of polycarbonate. The buttons located on the right side and the USB connector and the speaker are located on the lower side. On the upper side we find the audio jack and the microSIM slot. Missing card slot and users will have to settle with the internal memory of 32 GB. From it, a part to be used by the operating system. Lumia 1020 has two important accessories. One of them allows wireless battery charging, and the second turns it into a compact camera with a large grip. In addition, the latter incorporates a battery.

Nokia Lumia 1020 will be available in Europe in the coming months. The price has not been announced, but we expect a big amount.

Google Maps For Android And iOS Updated With New Interface And Options

Two months ago, during its annual conference dedicated to developers, Google announced that Google Maps for mobile platforms will receive significant updates regarding its interface. The company today released the version for the Android platform, but that, in addition removes some popular options.


New version for Android uses payment interface inspired by Google Now, as the iPhone phone users enjoy. Available on the Android 4.0.3 or newer terminals, the new Google Maps provides a simple full screen interface that hides behind a small drop button and leave the rest of the space for map display and search box. Continue reading

The First Tizen OS Tablet With Quad Core Processor And HQ Screen

Taiwanese designer MediaTek presents a new quad core processor with powerful graphics unit and multiple connection facilities that targets smart phones and tablets price. Read the details and specifications!


The new Soc (system-on-chip) MediaTek 8125 comes with four processing cores using ARM Cortex-A7 architecture that is optimized for high energy efficiency. The chip also comes with an integrated graphics processing unit (iGPU) licensed from Imagination Technologies. We are talking about multi core PowerVR Series5XT solution. It is important to note that we are dealing with the technology of 2010 and, in 2013, the iGPU can compete only with affordable solutions. Continue reading

Savelli Debuts On Android Smartphones Market – Release Of Samsung Galaxy Note III

Most luxury smartphones are just gold plated versions and/or encrusted with diamonds but mobile phones already exists. Like brilliantly HTC One or BlackBerry Golden Q10. Smartphone in the picture, however, is a little different because it is a new completely unique model. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?


Powered by a Swiss company called Savelli, this new smartphone was designed specifically for the ladies. It comes in 11 different versions with names like Ardent Red or Diamond Night and all are made with a unique almond-shaped body, covered in premium materials. The front is embellished with a sapphire glass touchscreen, while the back is covered with exotic leather. Of course, metals and gemstones were not omitted for this expensive phone. Continue reading