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Nokia N9 – System Update and new color for Nokia N9

Despite that the operating system will not receive support; Nokia N9 has received positive reviews after its release.

Behold that the manufacturer make us now two announcements that we capture in a good way. The phone will be available in a new color and will receive a system update. Nokia N9 will be available in white, not a white mat, but a gloss one.

 Nokia engineers say that the glossy white polycarbonate manufacturing it is complex and therefore were not offered the option of color from the beginning. Continue reading

Nokia 800 – Fresh images with the first Nokia smartphone with WP7

Formerly codenamed as Sea Ray, top range Nokia phone with WP7 will have the official name of the model 800 is a clone of N9 with the operating system Meego.

Since Nokia N9 enjoy more positive reviews than the construction and hardware, we can expect that Nokia 800 to be a very popular phone. Nokia 800 relies on a capacitive touchscreen AMOLED type with protection from strong light. It displays 16 million colors at a resolution of 480×800 pixels, the standard set by Microsoft for WP7.

The phone processor is single-core 1.4 GHz frequency, and the internal memory is 16 GB. Unfortunately, this can be expanded by microSD cards without a dedicated slot, also the extent required by Microsoft. Continue reading