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Design Eye Catching Vinyl Stickers in Photoshop

The online software that is present nowadays have been developed so that the designers can have a greater facility while designing. The world of designing has seen a new revolution ever since software like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator have come into being. Because of such online free tools and software a person can easily design unique custom printed stickers which are amazing and can fulfill their purpose. The good news is that anybody can create these unique stickers by designing them for free on this online software. It is true that many companies and brands who want to create stickers so that they can market themselves, only hire professional designers so that they are able to get best designing for the stickers.

However, this fact should not put you down and you should know that designing stickers is extremely easy especially with the help of these software. There are many new graphics and tools for designing the custom stickers that have been added into these software and they are absolutely free for everyone. Although it is true that many updated features that are required by high professional designers have been locked in the free versions of the software and one has to pay in order to utilize them. If you are designing stickers that are required for simpler purpose then you can easily use the features and tools that are already present for free online

In order to create stickers and design them you have to first think about the design that you would like to follow up. For example if you want to create a sticker for your personal use and you want to stick it on your notebook then you would go for the funky designs in the software to create these vinyl stickers. The first thing to do is:

  • Open up adobe Photoshop
  • Shortlist all the funky designs and frames that are available in the design section of Photoshop
  • Click on the suitable frame and create two layers
  • Merge the layers after adding effects and colors that you like

After you are done with these steps, you can easily edit the design that you have created for the custom sticker. You have to remember that the design for sticker printing for which you are creating should always be according to the purpose for which it is going to be utilized. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the sticker would be lost and there would be no use of having the sticker.

When it comes to printing the sticker you have many options once you have designed the stickers. For example if the size of the sticker printing that you have created is small then you can easily print that sticker at home. Otherwise you can always contact a sticker printing company and let them print the stickers for you. There are many advantages if you allow the sticker printing company to print out the stickers for you. For example you might get discount and the quality would be good.

Author Bio:

Hi, this is Daniel Ray from Virginia,USA ! Working as Design Coordinator and stock expert in PrintingRay.Com. PrintingRay is an online cheap custom stickers printing company providing the best sticker printing stock in USA market.

Amazon Kindle Fire- Direct Competitor of Apple iPad

The Amazon has officially lauched the latest and advanced Tablet from Novemebr 15 and they are hopeful that they will sell almost 4 million copies of this tablet at the end of this year and hence in this way, they will prove themselves as the direct competitor of Apple iPad. They have set the price of this tablet at $ 199.99.

This tablet comes with the IPS-LCD multi touch screen that is 7.1 inches wide in size and that has the maximum resolutions of 1,024 x 600 pixels. The multi touch screen also includes the gorilla coating, light sensor and accelerometer senor for UI auto rotation.

Its simple and attractive design has made it more comfortable for use. The users of this tablet can enjoy the browsing of different websites from hone screen. The presence of fast and speedy dual core processor has made it possible to listen and enjoy the music while downloading something from web or read the books of any one’s choices during the downloading of the videos.

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DesignFloat: Is this the end of a great designer resource?

Once upon a time DesignFloat was a great designers resource. Indeed this was the site which compelled me to use social bookmarking site for the things I search & I am interested in. Being a graphics enthusiast I love to visit this site regularly. Since last few days when I try to open the site, a message annoy me everytime:

DesignFloat was hacked and database has been badly damaged.
We’ve almost fixed it and are about to change our hosting.
We are thankful for your patience!
Stay with us. Our DesignFloat blog is working.

Till the date I am waiting for the site to get back but I wonder if this shock is the end for this great designer resource though no other site of this type have taken any aggressive marketing steps to make their presence felt & fill the gap left by DesignFloat. I sincerely pray for restoration of this great site.