Nokia Lumia 601 – The next Nokia with Windows Phone 7?

Lumia 601 could be the next model from Nokia that use Windows Phone 7 platform. Just with a month after Nokia World, was released a picture of a new device from Lumia category.

The image is not official, and in terms of this smartphone is a lot of speculation. The confirmation about the existence of this device is only still there. If the image turns out to be true, would mean that Nokia is preparing to launch a new model to run on a platform Windows Phone 7.

Although it is unknown if Lumia 601 will exceed the state of concept, the new device is expected to be similar in many respects with another model from Nokia, which was noted in a positive way on the market – Nokia C7.

The first similarity that can be observed is related to the issue. But there is speculation that with some elements of design, Nokia 601 will share and other characteristics of its predecessor. Two of these can be observed even in the picture: the two speakers and an 8-megapixel camera.

An essential difference between these two models would be the operating system. If C7 uses the Symbian operating system, this new device would use, as mentioned above, Windows Phone 7 platform, fits in the same category as the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. However, it is expected that the price to be somewhat lower for Lumia 601.

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