Lumia 800 the best selling Nokia smartphone so far?

Nokia 800 is very well received by audiences in the UK, managed to collect since the launch day a record number of pre-orders.

Orange UK estimated, Lumia 800 already gathered the highest number of preorders ever recorded for a Nokia handset, overcoming extremely popular models like Nokia 5800 and N95. Despite the optimism shown by Nokia, the merit of success enjoyed by Lumia 800 in Great Britain can not be entirely attributed to the design team.

Orange UK has launched a very aggressive campaign to promote Nokia’s handsets, about half of rewarding customers who have ordered in advance of the Lumia 800 phone with an Xbox completely free.

As expected, the offer was very useful, even if just a low-end version of the Xbox console. The operator plans to extend the validity of the promotion, in order to promote Xbox 360 and among new customers interested to purchase a Nokia 800 in subscription package.

Although the sales figures and pre-orders of Nokia in other regions of the world will not rise to the most successful models of iPhone or Android smartphone, the success of the Lumia 800 can restore the company on a positive trend, helping to regain market share lost in recent years.


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