Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Price and Features

With the recent news which are surfacing we came to know that we are not far away from the day when we see the fruits of a great relationship between the two companies that are Nokia and Microsoft. Nokia has launched two brand new Windows Phone 7.x handsets today at Nokia world.

nokia lumia 800 and 710

Details of The Launched Handsets

These two handsets were expected to be shown to the people in the today’s event. After a huge partnership arising due to an agreement signed between the two companies, the upcoming new Nokia handsets will be the first in the series of Windows Phone 7.x. This deal makes the Nokia’s future good.

One of the phones from the two is ‘Sea Ray’ which is not an official name; the official name for this is Nokia Lumia 800. Its codename is preferred over its real name by us, so that could be the reason why we are writing about this instead of naming the devices in a company.As far as rate is concerned, Nokia Lumia 800 Rate Pakistan is Rs. 50,000/-

If we talk about the style of Lumia 800, it resembles to another Nokia’s phone, the Nokia N9.

nokia lumia 800 price

This is not a bad one because any person who have used N9, liked its design and feel and admired it a lot. Also the rumors came from the people about N9 that it feels the same as iPhone 4/4S when in hand. It should be a one big compliment.

Other phone to be released will be Lumia 710; its codename is ‘Sabtre’ if you remembered. It is expected that Nokia Lumia 710 Price inside Pakistan will be around Rs. 32,000/-

nokia lumia 710 price in pak

Not too much at the current time is known about the two phones. But it is confirmed that there will be a Nokia logo and they will be running on latest version of Windows Phone 7.x.

In selected areas the sale of both of these will be occurring. November will be the month for Europe and USA will be getting it next year.

As we look the photos of two handsets shown above then it is appeared that the Lumia 800 is the premium one and the 710 depends on the budget. Looks can deceive you so you will have to wait till the day of its release.

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