Nokia is preparing a new phone with optical zoom

According to credible rumors, the Finnish group is planning to launch in 2012 a new phone with optical zoom, five years after the unsuccessful “experiment” called Nokia N93i.

At that time, N93i compromised image quality for 3x optical zoom, while the mechanical hardware platform with two processors and two displays exhausted the battery in just one day.

The future smartphone with features and advanced shooting functions promises not to repeat the mistakes of his predecessor and, therefore, will provide a balanced hardware without excessive zeal: 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 3.5 inch capacitive screen and 800×480 pixel resolutions.

Belle Symbian OS is currently the last iteration of Symbian^3 platform developed by Nokia. Why Symbian? Because it proved to be the only viable option.

Initially, Nokia has thought of Windows Phone as OS for multimedia smartphone, but this platform does not seem to correspond to requirements related to the implementation Finns optical zoom camera. In appearance, the smartphone follows the lines of N8, another capture device oriented on photo and video enthusiasts, but with fixed lenses.

Optical zoom is a risky bet the Finns, if we consider that all attempts so far (coming from other manufacturers including) failed markets in Europe and the United States. Asian market is the only such implementation eccentric tastes.

One thought on “Nokia is preparing a new phone with optical zoom

  1. Nev

    The N8 is the best camara phone out at the moment with 12 megapixels and HD video its great to hear they are continuing to inprove their brilliant smart phone and not following the others

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