How To Install Themes On LG KU990 Viewty

Last Week we have added LG KU990 Viewty Themes, yesterday I got an email about how to install those themes. Here is the copy of that email.

Hello Fahad Junaid,

You are being contacted via  by uttam. uttam has provided the following
information so you may contact them:

   Phone: 919892419059
   Website: http://
   Subject: Problems

   i have downloaded the lg viewty themes but dont know how to install
   it on the phone

I have received same email couple of times, So today I decided to write the method of how to install LG KU990 Viewty Themes.

Unfortunately, despite all its functions, LG KU990 Viewty isn’t very user friendly when it comes to installing or changing themes.

EFS Media Builder is just the tool used to access the “secret” and hidden directories on your LG Viewty.

Access the “secret” directories I told you above.

Step 1: Download the files from this Here.

Step 2: Run EFS Media Builder, and navigate to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme”. BACKUP “theme_bg2.swf”. Make sure to backup the “theme” folder.

Step 3: Choose where you want to install your theme manager.

Installing to Phone Memory: (Recommended by me, for faster accessing!)

1) Edit the “ThemeList.txt” file to make all custom themes point towards the phone memory (//LGAPP/Media/swf/theme/Themes)
2) Navigate to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme” with EFS Media Builder.
3) Drag and drop “theme_bg2.swf” file and the “Themes” folder into this loction then restart the phone.
4) Navigate to Settings, Screen, Handset theme and pick Silver from the list.

Installing to Memory Card:

1) Install “theme_bg2.swf” into “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme” using EFS Media Builder then restart the phone once done.
2) Navigate to Settings, Phone settings, Connectivity, USB Connection mode and pick Mass Storage from the list then connect the phone to pc
3) Switch USB connection mode to Mass Storage then browse to the Memory Card/Removable Storage.
4) Drag and drop the “Themes” folder from the rar file directly to the root of the memory card.
6) Navigate to Settings, Screen, Handset theme and pick Silver from the list.

Perform the following:

1) Create a new folder inside the “Themes” folder and give it a name relevant to the theme you’re about to install.
2) Drag and drop all the new theme files into the newly created folder.
3) Update “ThemeList.txt” to point towards the newly installed theme .SWF files.

Step 5:

To load the Themes Manager, double tap the “C” button (located on the actual handset) to bring up the list of available themes. Use the left and rights arrows, or use the jog wheel, to navigate through the pages and click on the theme you wish you use. Once you have a theme you wish to keep double tap “C” button again to hide the menu.

You can also swap between the built in icon styles by pressing the “Black” or “Coloured” button.

65 thoughts on “How To Install Themes On LG KU990 Viewty

  1. essoun

    plz when i conect my phone to the efs builder it doesnt appear. i dont know what to do? do i have to wait for hour or what

  2. Faiq

    Brother plz do reply i just cant get a cop port connection option in the efs media when i clicked there now tell me what to do?? Though i turned off my anti virus

  3. Fahad Junaid Post author

    First, set the phone to “data service”
    Shut off ALL antivirus-programs and LG updater (if installed).
    Run step 1-3 as described above
    Change the “location” to //LGAPP/Media/swf/theme/Themes on the Themlist-file
    And just wait and restart the phone.

  4. lonsky

    ur the best….idol kaw yan…galing mo pre…it works 110%….ur da best…u hve great mind….

  5. Saad

    how to install themes on lg ku990 viewty without data cable because i dont have data cable.

  6. Fahad Junaid Post author

    Try searching Google for wap uploader that will help you :). As over there you will upload the file and site will generate an ID which you will use on you phone using wap.

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