How to turn on Word Wrap in Aptana Studio

I am using Aptana studio since a reader recommended me in one of my earlier post. I found Aptana Studio an excellent tool for designing my web pages. Initially, I was quite surprised when I saw no word wrap in the editor area. Browsing through different menus I couldn’t find how to turn on word wrapping. Here is a cluttered view of my code editor before word wrapping was not unable:

Searching through Aptana forums I come to know how to turn on word wrapping. It wasn’t that hard.

  • Go to Windows > Preferences.
  • Click Editor in left side pane and then click Advanced tab.
  • Check the Enable word wrap (requires editor restart) and click apply.

Though it suggest that editor need to be restarted but it would apply without restarting anything.

Now check this screenshot with word wrap enabled:

14 thoughts on “How to turn on Word Wrap in Aptana Studio

  1. James

    There are two places where “editors” appear. It took me a long time to realize that your blog post was correct. There is “General->Editors” and there is also “Aptana->Editors”. Your screenshot shows this, but somehow I still managed to miss it. :-P Go figure!

  2. Marc Palau

    You say that reboot of Aptana is not necesary, but if you don’t reboot Aptana the line numbers will be incorrect.

    Thanks for the help!

  3. jk

    After enabling word wrap, Aptana slowed down extremely and crahed several times a day. So I switched it off again.

  4. Moonwax

    Just in case anyone else is looking, this option is not currently available on the Aptana Studio 3 beta.

    It does not currently support word wrapping :(

  5. Christian

    I was very excited to try Aptana Studio 3.0.0 but then *extremely* discouraged to find out they haven’t implemented a feature as simple as word wrapping. How in the world could they miss something like that?

  6. Green

    Aptana 3 finally released an it still unable to provide word wrapping… What a shame…

  7. Robertson Odom

    Tried right-clicking within the editor and selecting ‘word wrap’ from the context menu?

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