10 beautiful unicode Urdu fonts

Gone are those days when one has to read and publish Urdu content in image format on the web. And only desktop software available for Urdu publishing was Inpage. There are plenty of Unicode Urdu Fonts available now-a-days that work across almost all operating systems in almost any program that can display Unicode characters properly. I have compiled a list of 10 beautiful Unicode Urdu fonts along their snapshots and download links, have a look:

1. Jameel Noori Kasheeda

Jameel Nastaleeq Kasheeda Urdu Font

2. Alvi Nastaleeq

Alvi Nastaleeq Urdu Font

3. Alfaris Farnaz

Alfaris Farnaz Urdu Font

4. Emad Nastaleeq

Emad Nastaleeq Urdu Font

5. Attari Salees

Attari Salees Urdu Font

6. Alqlm Shikastah

Alqlm Shikastah Urdu Font

7. Alfaris Bradiya

Alfaris Bradiya Urdu Font

8. Alqlm Nabeel

Alqlm Nabeel Urdu Font

9. Alfaris Elahm

Alfaris Elham Urdu Font

10. Nafees Web Naskh

Nafees Web Naskh Urdu Font

Download All of the above and some more cool fonts now.

74 thoughts on “10 beautiful unicode Urdu fonts

  1. umar sarfraz

    plz send me email urdu All ten fonts

    plz plz
    i am very thank ful to u this act of kindness

  2. ansari

    please send me urdu fonts

    alfaris farnaz
    attari saleesss

    plz plz plz plz plz

    Thanks & Regards

    Qudrat ullah

  3. Spunkyone

    These are so beautiful thank you!!!! Not downloaded them yet, still trying. I hope your links work.

  4. Mahmood

    Aslaamoalaikum sab ko

    bhai g koi batai ga k yeh inpage sai coral mein kesai gain gai?

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