Analogue clock widgets for Windows XP

With Windows7 beta already out, Windows XP would be history sooner rather than later. But the fact is majority of Windows users are still stuck to this 8 year old operating system. Along other enhancements there is widget capability which makes Vista more beautiful, visually at least. One widget I specially like on Vista and Ubuntu Linux as well is analogue clock widget. One way to get this like widget in XP is to install third party software like Vista sidebar(not official). However, you can install standalone small programs to run analogue clock widget over XP. Following are the two freewares for this purpose:

Gljakal clock



  • Beautful! You’ll love the 25 50 themes provided!
  • Smart! It remembers your appointments!
  • Easy! You don’t need a degree in computer science to use it!
  • On Top! If you like, it will always be displayed, no matter how many windows you have open!
  • Customizable! Change the background picture to anything you like!
  • Unintrusive! Make it the size you like: choose between four pre-defined sizes or size it like you want!
  • Serious! Clock will not mess with your system registry!
  • Small! It’s only a 1Mb download!
  • Free! It costs nothing!





  • antialiasing (3 levels: off / method 1 / method 2)
  • 256 levels of transparency with special mouse-over transparency function
  • changable and configurable styles (24 PNGs and 7 BMPs in standard installation, additional 98 PNGs and 69 BMPs available in full instalation or in PNG/BMP packs)
  • per-pixel alphablending for PNG backgrounds
  • advanced window options (unmovable, always on top, pin to desktop, click through, …)
  • priority settings
  • configurable alarms with ability to show alarm window, play sound, execute application and shutdown computer
  • simple calendar
  • automatic start with Windows (for all users) or with user login (only for your user)
  • language support (Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and more)
  • absolutely free software – it contains no ads, no spyware, no adware and no toolbars


12 thoughts on “Analogue clock widgets for Windows XP

  1. turbocel91

    how do i access the menu that is on display on this web page? all i get is to change the look of the clock. i want to keep it under the windows.

  2. Alfredia Carvett

    some truly fantastic content on this site, thanks for contribution.


    What is the process of downloading clock and calender of Widget for Windows XP.

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