The perfect web designing environment for ubuntu

Its been a while I am using Ubuntu & I must say that I’m lovin it. Currently I am using Ubuntu 8.10. I work as a part time web designer in my free time.  After shifting from Windows to Linux i.e Ubuntu, the biggest hurdle for me was how to shift my web designing environment to my new OS. Fortunately it wasn’t that hard to mimic my favourite environment in Ubuntu thanks mainly to Wine(No, I don’t drink :wink: ).
For designing my site layout I prefer to use Adobe Photoshop. Fortunately wine supports Photoshop versions till CS2, not bad if you have to only design websites layout in it. If one is interested in some serious graphics work than off-course CS3 or CS4(the latest the better) are suitable for his work. Back to the topic, my design part is performed smoothly in Photoshop running under wine.

Notepad++ running under wine on a Ubuntu machine

Notepad++ running under wine on a Ubuntu machine

Than comes coding my sites. For a web designer(and small scale developer) coding means static html(or xhtml) sites with touch of CSS & nothing more. There are linux solutions for WYSIWYG editors like Frontpage or Dreamweaver but I like to code by hand. Since different template systems are in now-a-days, coding by hand is more accurate way to accomplish the task. So, for coding I prefer Notepad++ which has some really cool features for handy coders. Though some features do not work under wine but important features like syntax highlighting for different kind of programming languages & tabs support are there to help. BTW I wonder why such a popular open source application is not yet ported to Linux?

XAMMP webserver on a Ubuntu machine

XAMMP webserver on a Ubuntu machine

Now-a-days ready to be customize open source content management systems & blogging applications are quite popular. Almost all such applications have a template system which you can theme as per your need without any knowledge of web development technologies. All you need is to download, install & run these applications on a locally to modify the themes(or templates sometime) for your clients. This is where you have to setup some web server where you can deploy these applications for testing, modifying & making them client ready. I prefer to use lightweight XAMPP webserver for this part. Though Apache & mySQL can be installed easily from Ubuntu repositories but i prefer XAMMP as this is a one stop solution for your web server need. It has apache, mysql, filezilla & PhpMyAdmin buil in to cater all your web server needs.

This completes my personal small web designing enviroment. How about yours? Comments & suggestions are always welcome.

Update: Please vote for your favourite editor here:

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5 thoughts on “The perfect web designing environment for ubuntu

  1. Boo Radley

    Notepad++ ? It’s a decent program but good GUI text editors in linux are a dime a dozen… Check out Bluefish for a start…

  2. Desi Da Vinci Post author

    @Radley: I once used the bluefish editor, but I didn’t like it for its dull UI. May be improved now.
    @Jimmy: Aptana is a bit complex for newbie like me. I installed it in my ubuntu machine now trying to learn how to use it efficiently. BTW is PHP IDE included by default in Aptana studio?

  3. Bernadette Dejohn

    Have been looking at doing some site optimization and bettering the design on my site for a long time, so this post has been really helpful. Easy read also, so thank you!

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