“Shoe-cide attack” game site up for sale at ebay

The “on occassion” site Sock and Awe, launched after the recent shoe attack by an Iraqi  journalist against US president Bush, is up for sale at ebay after a life span of only 2 days. This might be some record of its kind. Till this time the auction started from £100 has reached to £3,433.00 .

Sock & Awe for sale at ebay.

Sock & Awe for sale at ebay.

In my opinion purchasing such site would have very little return on you investment but who knows this site get a status of some “historical game site”. Though there are plenty flash gaming sites offering same like game but non has received 1.4 million unique visitors for a single game like this one. This is how you benefit from early response to happenings around you (& the web off course).

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