Easiest way to hack PTCL broadband users

PTCL broadbandThis may sound a bit geeky but indeed it is hell easy. All you need to expertise is to get the IP address of PTCL broadband user. This can be easily done by network tracing tools while chatting to a person. Lets suppose the friend you are chatting with is using PTCL broadband, you get his ip somehow. Now what? Here comes the answer:
The PTCL so called “technicians” doesn’t bother to ask/guide the broadband users to change the default Router password which they set to “admin” with username “admin”. Just enter your friend’s IP address in your browsers and enter username “admin” & password “admin” at prompt. If you login successfully(more than 50% chances), you can do anything to your friend’s router settings. If you are hacking geek I bet you can control his PC from your fingertips. This is why PTCL says “Feel the difference”.

BTW this post was not meant for hacking but to warn you against the silly stuff by PTCL technicians, so you may not become easy target for some hacker or unwanted person. Cheers.

59 thoughts on “Easiest way to hack PTCL broadband users

  1. Jahanzeib

    I think it doesnt work cuz ptcl is giving routers worked on RIP based technologies that’s why every router has same configuration ip that is so how someone can access to someone’s router???

  2. techman

    nice discussion here, i also wanted to try if a username and password of 4 mb or 2mb would would work on a 1 mb connection. Actually the line has the capacity of 8 mb already.

  3. Waqas Shehzad

    Brother this PTCL copper wire has the capacity of more then 25mbps But you would think why would i get 1mb.

    If you enter Password of an 8mb or 4mb connection to your router it will Connect most of the time.But your download speed wouldn’t increases and will be the same.

    The story behind is that the speed you get is assigned to your phone number and the username and password are just for authentication purpose.They impose the speed limit on you through a device called DSLAM (Digital subscriber line access multiplexer) and some proxy servers.

    So kindly don’t waste your time if you think your are a computer literate.

  4. kashif

    main ptcl brodband wifi ko hack krna chahta hoon plz help me
    kashif from lahore

  5. madyy mow

    brother can you tell that what’s the better way to view ptcl wifi user’s ip

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